Survey Research Project

In a public relations course, Public Relations Research, my group was tasked with conducting research on behalf of Auburn Downtown Merchants Association regarding parking in downtown Auburn, Alabama.

There are many restaurants, shops, bars and other businesses located in the vicinity of downtown. The owners of these businesses feel that they are losing business because of the frustration customers experience when searching for parking. There are limited parking spots compared to the amount traffic Auburn experiences. This study was conducted to discover what people think about parking downtown, what solutions they would like best and what other feelings they have toward parking.

The data was collected by a survey created through Qualtrics. The survey was distributed by the group members’ Facebooks and through the client’s network, which made for a convenience sample. The survey featured 25 questions created from many survey question types and received 363 responses.

The detailed research report, which can be found below, includes an executive summary, a lit review, a description of the research method used, the results of the survey and a discussion of our findings.

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