To create this magazine, I used Adobe Indesign and Adobe photoshop. I purchased the layout of this magazine on a website called "The Creative Market" and uploaded the layout to Indesign. Although some of the page layouts remain the same, I edited most of them to make my own style.

The title of my magazine is "The Cashdan Chronicles." I chose this title because of the catchy alliteration. I also like that the title highlights the fact that each piece in the magazine is written by me.

"The Cashdan Chronicles" is a compilation of some of my favorite writing pieces from my public-relations courses. I wrote these pieces either for my style and design class or my magazine and feature writing class. The articles in the magazine that are related to Auburn or college students are also published online at

Although each article was a class assignment, they still reflect my personal values and my passions. The articles found in this magazine include the following: "A Farmer's Good Deeds," "Living The Dream," "Hey Day," "Rolling Toomer's Corner" and "6 Benefits of Owning a Dog in College."

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