Case Study

For a final project in a public-relations class, Public Relations Case Studies, my group analyzed Starbucks's Race Together campaign that was launched in 2015. In response to gun violence and the deaths of Eric Garner and Michael Brown, Starbucks launched this campaign to combat racial tensions. This unique initiative proved Starbucks's devotion to bettering our world by fearlessly addressing social issues, despite negative public opinion.

Studying public-relations campaigns and deeply analyzing this particular case provided me with a new insight into public relations. It taught me the do's and don'ts in public-relations campaigns and public responses, which will prove valuable when I enter the workforce.

My group's analysis of this case, which can be found below, includes the history of Starbucks' involvement in social issues, the cultural context at the time of this initiative, details about the initiative, information about the public's reaction and my group's personal thoughts.

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