I used Canva, a free graphic-design tool website, to create this brochure. The brochure is about the The Community Market of The Food Bank of East Alabama, which is a great organization that fights food insecurity in Auburn.

All information for this brochure was collected through The Community Market's website. Included in the brochure is information about who is eligible to receive help, how to go about getting help, how to volunteer and more.

The pages may appear out of order upon first glance, but when the brochure is properly folded it makes perfect sense. The font I chose is simple so that it is easy to read. I chose a combination of white and a washed-out red color for the background because it looks clean and draws attention to the brochure. There is a great deal of information about The Community Market that is not included in the brochure because I wanted to keep it simple so that people are more likely to read it.

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